Go4 History


ith almost four decades as a supplier to the Oil industry we have hands on experience and a proven trackrecord in the market.

Our unique fuel blending and metering systems help improve profitability for Ship owners, bunker operators and energy companies around the World. Our odour filters are appreciated by many oil terminals as well as their neighbours. Furthermore, we supply Aviation Fuel Additivation systems to the NATO military forces.

Blending fuel oil

We have a strong reputaion in fuel blending. Our Fuel Blending systems are build to match customer requirements. Either as customized systems or by adapting one of our pre-configured systems. The systems can be fully automated, semi-automated or manual. For our customers there are considerable savings to gain from buying low cost (high viscosity) HFO fuel and blending it with a low viscosity distillate (i.e. MGO) and then blending it to the correct ISO8217 viscosity and volumetric quantity at the time of delivery, compared to a comparable pre-blended products from an vendor. This is achieved by adding the exact amount of distillate and blending it to a homogeneous product to meet the ISO specifications.

Odour filters for tank environments

With ever increaing demands to Environmental protection and strict legislation many businesses with fuel tanks are required to reduce or remove odours in and around their facilities. Odours ocours from evaporation or when the tanks are being operated (filled/emptied). We have designed and installed Tank filters for many applications; including: powerplants, tank farms, bio-gas production, production facilites with own fuel tanks.
The solutions range from relatively simple filters, to very advanced systems with hot-spot protection, shut-off valves, water mist systems, temperature sensors, CO sensors, forced ventilation and much more.

Jet Fuel Additivation

Go4 has designed a Jet fuel additivation system based on requirements from theNATO forces. The requirements are based on an the "Nato Single Fuel Concept" designed to reduce the logistics of a forward operation by producing the required jet fuel ad-hoc. E.g. using Jet-A1 and adding the correct amount of relevant additives to produce the required fuel. This would reduce storage requirements on the site, but also the total fuel volume to be transported in troubled areas.
The system is mobile/movable and able to withstand harsh conditions during transport and operation, especially bad weather.
The design has been improved over the years, but the basic structure remains the same, as it has proven stable and safe in Arctic as well as Tropic temperatures.