Blending Systems for Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plants

Fuel Oil Blending Systems for Power Plants

The economy of a Power Plant is highly influenced by the oil prices. Even running on Heavy Fuel Oil (Residual Fuel Oil) is becoming more expensive.

Depending on your engines, you are using HFO with a viscosity as high as 750 cSt @ 50°C, but most engines use lower viscosities.
If, like most power plants, you buy your HFO from an oil company or a terminal, the price will be influenced by several factors - chiefly the oil price, but also the cost to blend the viscosity you require, storage of the finished product and risk.

For upstream oil operations, making use of locally available fuels to generate the power required is a key requirement, as facilities are often located in remote onshore locations or offshore with no or limited access to an electricity grid system, and transportation of large quantities of expensive premium fuels to the site location is problematic and uneconomic.

However, the Go4 DN32 Flexblender is able to cut some of the cost.
Because, as a power plant you buy large quantities, you can buy a very heavy (high viscosity) HFO on the open market and BLEND it with a distillate (MGO/MDO/ADO or the like) and reach the exact viscosity you require for your engines.

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Fuel Oil Blending - Functions

Fuel Oil blending systems for Power Plants

The heart of the Go4 DN32 Flexblender is the proprietary blending unit and PLC control system. This makes the system fully atomatic. All you have to do is to key in the desired properties of the finished product (i.e. viscosity or density), and no matter what the properties are of the blending components, the automation will adjust for it.

If you blend to a "Daytank" the system will even start itself and re-fill the tank when a "Low" setpoint has been reached, and stop once the "full" setpoint has been reached.

An electronic readout of the batch process is provided for accounting and/or audit purposes.

Customized blending system

Blending systems for Power Plants - customized to for each application

There is always a different way to manage or operate your powerplant,but we are able to adapt our system to fit your requirements. The Go4 DN32 Flexblender can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your exact needs and wishes. Whether fully automatic, semi-automatic or manually,