Full Automatic Bunker Blending System

automatc blending of Bunker Fuel

Providing Just-in-Time Bunker Blending gives a high level of flexibility, saved time, increased profit and at the end of the day helps you to more satisfied Customers

Automated Blending

The Flexblender™ is the most sophisticated system for all your blending requirements. It can be either Skid Mounted on a steel frame or custom fitted into a 10´or 20´CSC approved container. This provides a very flexible unit which can be easily installed at an oil terminal or on board a barge with products flash above 60°C. Furthermore it can easily be moved around as and where it is needed.
The Flexblender is connected to the main pipe system by flanges and behind each inlet and outlet flange there can be a ball valve to shut off the externally connected pipes.The outstanding facilities for high quality control achieved with the Go4 Mechanical Fuel Blender in combination with the Go4 Bunker Monitor are further fine tuned in this unique system for fully automatic blending.

The Flexblender’s automated control system continuously receive information from the Go4 Bunker Monitor and use advanced proprietary control algorithms to instantly change the process, including the amount of cutter stocks (MGO/MDO/ADO), to meet the specification of the blended product throughout the entire blending process. A Flexblender in a CSC approved container provides a sheltered space for operation, and it can be equipped with light fixtures and heating systems to avoid moisture and condensation when used in extreme climate or weather conditions.

Lloyds/B&V/DNV/RMR - Classification and approval can be provided if required.

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Bunker Blending Control and Monitoring Panel

Control system with Bunker Delivery Note

The Go4 Automation Control and Monitoring system continuously receive information from the Go4 Bunker Monitor and use advanced proprietary control algorithms to make the necessary adjustments on the blender to adjust the exact amount of feed stock (MGO/MDO/ADDO) to be added to the HFO, to meet the ISO8217 specification of the finished/blended product.

The data is continuously accumulated in the database and can be retrieved at the end of the batch for print-out of a Bunker Delivery Note (BDN), showing all pertinent information regarding the viscosity at reference temperature (50°C).

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Mechanical Blending Systems

Manually operated Bunker Blending systems

The Go4 Mechanical Blending Unit represents an entirely new development:

  • It is inexpensive
    No auxiliaries, such as electric motors, compressed air, etc. are needed.
  • It is easy to operate
    Turning a hand wheel, changes the ratio setting which is shown direct in figures on the counter. Once the ratios for different grades are determined and handed to the operator, he has only to turn the hand wheel until the corresponding figures show on the counter.
  • It is easy to install
    The unit can be mounted as an ordinary valve, either mounted upside-down with the inlets pointing upwards, or mounted horizontally. With the connecting pipes properly braced no extra supports are needed and no housing is required.
  • In cold climates, or when heavy oils are used, it can be surrounded with a heated and insulated cover. Units installed 70 miles north of the Arctic Circle operate successfully in this way.

    With the Go4 Mechanical Blender it is possible to realize the idea of blending at the distribution point, whether at a terminal or on-board a bunker barge.

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    Benefits of On-Board Blending

    On-line / In-line Bunker fuel BlendingMaking Money in the Bunkering Industry is becoming increasingly difficult
    The Bunkering Industry is under pressure from all sides. Varying requirements for different types and volumes of IFO, LSFO etc. are demanding. Supplying the right product at the right time and place is a costly, complex, logistic Nightmare.
    Most Bunker Operators don’t know what product their next customer want until they ask for it. So they have to plan for eventualities.
    In most cases this involves one or more of the following scenarios:

    • They have several different Bunker barges, each with a different IFO
    • They have Bunker barges with several IFO’s on board
    • They have already realized the potential predicament and use On-Board Batch Blending

    Either way they have a risk and lack flexibility.
    What if the Customer is delayed?
    What if the required quantity is beyond available Bunker Barge capacity etc. etc.

    The Solution is On-Board In-Line Blending
    The Go4 On-Board In-Line Blending system offer you a solution to all these issues and more.

    • Higher operational efficiency delivers better utilization for a better return on investment
    • Fuel savings from less transit mileage
    • Less queuing time and saved terminal cost, mooring cost, harbour cost, etc. due to fewer product specific terminal calls


    Saving money using on-board / in-line Bunker blendingSAVED TIME
    In stead of sending one Bunker Barge with IFO380 to one customer and another Bunker Barge with IFO180 to another customer, you can use the same barge to blend on-site for both. This saves time and resources and at the end of the day - a lot of money.
    Each call the Bunker Barge makes at the terminal adds to the cost. Whether it is Transit Cost, Harbour duties, Mooring Cost or Terminal charges - these costs can be reduced as a result of the flexibility of the On-Board Blending facility.
    Depending on your choice of configuration you can provide your customers with the exact volumetric quantity of ISO8217 compliant Marine Fuel Oil at the exact viscosity ordered (+/- 1%) by using the Go4 Metering option.
    Flexibility, Cost- and time saving are important factors, but even more important is the possibility to increase your profit on sales.
    Blending a high viscosity HFO with a low viscosity product (i.e. MGO or Cutter Stock) results in considerable savings in your end product cost compared to buying preblended products from a Terminal.

    The exact savings will vary with the market, but in general there is a vast difference in the market price between an IFOxxx blended from 5-700 cSt HFO and MGO and preblended IFO180 or IFO380.

    Savings Calculator


    Bunker Fuel Terms and definitions

    • Heavy Fuel - A fuel that is the heavier product in a blend. Generally a residual fuel with a high density and/or viscosity.
    • Cutter Stock - A distillate or low-viscosity hydrocarbon feedstock used in a blend. Generally to reduce the viscosity of the finished product.
    • Homogeneous - means having consistent qualities or properties throughout the blending process.
    • Feedstock/blend components - the products used in the blend process.
    • API/IP - American Petroleum Institute / Institute of Petroleum. American standard bodies.
    • Give-away - The amount (percentage) of unnecessary Cutter stock/distillate added in the blend process to avoid claims from not meeting specifications. Cutter stock is typically more expensive and the extra cost will impact the price or profit of the end product.
    • Blend monitoring - A system that continuously checks and corrects the blend according to density or viscosity. The result is a blend that is within ±1% of the preset target.