Fuel Blending System for Marine Diesel engines

Blending Capacity 3,6–7,8 m3/Hour, Blending Range 1-99%

Go4 Marine Fuel Blenders for blending to Engine room and Daytank

Reduce fuel costs by blending your own fuel

Rising fuel costs have a tremendous effect on the profitability of your business

Many ship owners are converting their engines from expensive Marine Gas Oil to HFO depending on what Fuel quality their engines may accept, at the same time changing their cost structure from high priced MGO to lower priced HFO.
However, there are even more savings to be made. When you buy HFO (or IFOxxx) from your supplier, they have blended this from even heavier HFO i.e. 700 cSt. Doing this requires specific knowledge of blending properties and ratios. But just as important, the ability to blend a homogenous product.

What if you could perform this process yourself?

Some ship owners do this already, by pouring the fuel products into a day tank and blending them there. However, this often leads to incorrect specifications and engine problems. With the Go4 Fuel Blending System you remove guesswork and uncertainty from the blending process. The system is a scaled down version of similar systems used by professional bunker suppliers around the world and with the same attention to detail and safety.

The process is simple
You purchase a higher viscosity Fuel Oil e.g. IFO380 or 500 and mix it with a low viscosity product (MGO/MDO/Cutter Stock) to create the exact viscosity you need and in accordance with ISO8217:2012.

This can save you a lot of money.

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Go4 Blenders - Constant, Reliable Operation

Go4 Marine Fuel Blender for Engine room and Daytank

Easy Installation

The unit comes complete with fuel pumps, valves, safety valves, blending unit and automatic control and adjustment of the required viscosity.
It can be dismantled for easier access to the engine room during installation.

Easy to operate

Select the desired viscosity on the LCD display and the operation runs automatically.

Safety first

The unit has triple security measures to avoid any spillage or accidents:
  1. Sensor for over-heating will shut down the pumps
  2. Pressure relief valves in the pumps will recirculate the flow
  3. Pressure relief valves after the pumps will lead flow back to the storage tanks

Optional versions

Go4 Marine Fuel Blending for Engine room and Daytank

Manual system

A low cost basic blending system for attended operation, but the same high quality components.
This system should be used if you always buy the exact same specification raw materialls - HFO and MGO. The system will be calibrated to blend with these exact components and will blend to the predefined specification.

If the quality of the deliveries from your supplier(s) is uncertain, you should select an automatic or Semi-automatic system.

Semi-Automatic System

The same basic blending system as the manual system, but with automatic viscosity measurement. However, blending adjustments must be made manually, based on the calculations made by the system and shown on the LCD panel.

The system is recommended where you sometimes have changing specifications of the raw materials and trained staff to operate the equipment.

Full-Automatic System

For unattended operation of the blending process.
The system will constantly monitor and adjust the blending properties to reach the selected fuel quality; no matter what viscosity your raw materials have - as long as they are compatible.
For completely unattended operation, you can have tank gauge sensors to start and stop the blender when the day-tank is low/full.
The system computer can supply batch information to the bridge/control room via a network cable (LAN), or, if this is not feasible, downloaded to an SD card, that can be transferred to a PC.

The system is recommended where you often have changing specifications of the raw materials or where trained staff is not readily available.