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  • Jet Fuel Additivation System

    Additivation System

    The Go4 Jet Fuel Additivation System has been developed specifically for military purposes and has proven its stability for more than a decade, in extreme conditions in daily operation around the World. From Arctic cold minus 25°C to the Desert hot plus 50°C. The system can produce a wide range of NATO standard Aviation and Ground Fuels, e.g. NATO specification fuel additivation: F34/F35/F37/F63; providing considerable savings in transport logistics and Tank storage space.

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  • On-board / In-line Bunker blender - automatic

    On-board In-line Blending

    The Flexblender is the most sophisticated Go4 blending unit. The blender includes a computerized data system with online data transfer to the control room. The Flexblender is a unit that meet Bunker Blending and Metering requirements. It is custom fitted into a CSC approved Standard 10' or 20' container.

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  • Mechanical Bunker Blender

    Skid mounted Bunker blending

    Providing Just-in-Time Bunker fuel gives a very high level of flexibility, saved time, increased profit and at the end of the day helps you to more satisfied Customers. In-line blending is a controlled, continuous process, mixing two components during the delivery to the Customer.

    Buying low cost HFO, blending it with a low viscosity product (i.e. MGO) and then supplying the correct ISO8217 viscosity and volumetric quantity at the time of delivery, results in considerable savings in product cost compared to pre-blended products from a terminal. This is achieved by supplying the exact volume of distillate to meet the specifications.

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  • Fuel Monitor

    Automated Blending operation

    The constantly growing requirement for high quality bunker products have increased the demand for control of the production parameters like Viscosity, Density and Temperature. This control can be accomplished by using the Go4 In-line Bunker Monitor, which has the added benefit of securing exact volumetric delivery of the product.

    To secure accurate and reliable readings, the system takes actual operational parameters into account.

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  • Odour Filters

    Tank Odour filters

    Terminal Operators Worldwide are under increasing pressure from legislation and neighbouring areas for emitting unpleasant odours.

    The Go4 Tank Vent Odour Filter System will eliminate odours and remove any oil products from tank emissions. This includes specially designed Tank Vent systems with Carbon Odour Filter that eliminate odour problems from Storage Tanks for Oil and Oil products, avoiding complaints or claims from neighbouring areas.

    Go4 has a full range Tank Fittings, Tank Vents with Odour Filters and Accessories for Storage Tanks that meet EU Directives, local legislation and customer requirements.

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  • Item Title

    Go4 Bunker Barges

    April 10th 2010 marked a new beginning for the bunker industry. On this day Shenfei Group, Go4 Bunker and Maersk Broker entered a partnership to design, construct, build and sell Intelligent Bunkering Solutions under the Go4 brand.

    For many years the Bunker Industry has had to live with "pre-fabricated" general purpose product tankers, converted to accommodate the needs of the industry or on rare occasions with custom made, expensive solutions made to overcome the specific issues the owner has encountered in the past. With the Go4-Intelligent Bunkering Solution we have re-thought the whole ship as a Bunkering Terminal Platform; from the bottom up.

    Through the combined effort of the Shenfei Shipyard, Go4 Bunker and Maersk Broker, we have designed a bunkering vessel that performs like an oil terminal while offerering the best in Class solution in technical, operational and safety performance.

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  • Power plant fuel blending

    Power Plant fuel blending

    The economy of a Power Plant is highly influenced by the oil prices. Even running on Heavy Fuel Oil (Residual Fuel Oil) is becoming more expensive. Depending on your engines, you are using HFO with a viscosity as high as 750 cSt @ 50C, but most engines use lower viscosities. If, like most power plants, you buy your HFO from an oil company or a terminal, the price will be influenced by several factors - chiefly the oil price, but also the cost to blend the viscosity you require, storage of the finished product and risk.

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  • Fuel Oil Custody Transfer Systems

    Custody Transfer Systems

    The most important moment in a Fuel Oil Transaction is the Custody Transfer. Both parties require solid proof that the subject of the transaction is supplied in accordance with the agreement, based on two main criteria: Quality and Quantity.

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  • Fuel Oil Consulting and Services

    Consulting and Services

    Go4 Oil & Energy Consulting is an independent international oil consulting company based in Europe, Russia and Asia; with focus on the provision of integrated technical studies covering the downstream sectors of the international and local oil industry.

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